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Forest watchdog gives CorrBoard key green kitemark

CorrBoard UK customers can now order sheet board that has been fully certified by the FSC – the body which protects forests worldwide. The CorrBoard UK plant in Scunthorpe, which is jointly owned by members of the CorrBoard UK Alliance, has been given the FSC’s Chain of Custody certificate, which guarantees that materials and products have been checked against strict sustainability criteria at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Dairi-Pak, Fencor Packaging, Garthwest and Swanline Print – all partners in CorrBoard UK and the Alliance – are also fully certified under the Chain of Custody kitemark.

Tim Gray, owner of Dairi-Pak, said: “CorrBoard takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and recognizes that our customers do too. We don’t just want to talk the talk. The FSC certificate is one very important way in which we can show clients independent proof that we are fully committed to sustainability in all that we do.”

CorrBoard UK also recently announced it had gained planning consent for an anaerobic digester at the corrugated sheet board plant, which will generate enough electricity annually to supply 1,000 homes and enough heat for 500 – all from materials which might normally end up in landfill.

The Scunthorpe facility is Europe’s first consortium-owned corrugated sheet feeder. The plant is at the heart of the CorrBoard UK Alliance – a pioneering network of independent packaging firms offering an unrivalled product range to firms with multiple locations and complex packaging needs in the UK and Ireland.

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