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The advantages of having the most up-to-date and efficient corrugator in Europe means we are 40% more energy efficient than older Corrugator installations in the UK. Add to this our ‘Pallet-less’ deliveries of sheet board to Alliance Members where we enjoy 5-10% better utilization of transport - Our Carbon footprint is as small as it can be right now… However, the imminent construction of an Anaerobic Digester plant will create all the electricity and gas required to run the plant and will effectively make CorrBoard the most environmentally efficient and responsible sheet feeder in Europe.

The Alliance uses our members’ existing transport network whilst utilising backloads to and from Members’ sites.

The Alliance sources all its raw material (sheet board) from our own CorrBoard factory in Scunthorpe.

This 328,000 sq ft facility has full BRC Global Standard for Packaging accreditation and any of your packaging can be manufactured with full FSC certification.